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Transportation of dangerous goods

Dangerous Goods Transportation - ADR (Special Transport)

Each transport we undergo is treated with the utmost care, but some shipments require special conditions given their nature.

Our company provides special transportation services for the following categories of goods:

  • flammable liquids

  • explosives

  • radioactive substances

  • toxic substances

  • harmful substances

  • corrosive substances

For the transport of this type of freight we provide a variety of vehicles with tonnages ranging from 1.5 tons up to 24 tons, or low loaders, if necessary.

Comprehensive services: transport, approvals, escorts

Special transports, known as ADR transports are regulated by special laws, requiring official approvals and briefings of local communities or sometimes even escorts in the form of a companion car or a police escort to clear out traffic.

Our team of experts can organize the ADR transport to the smallest details so that the goods arrive safely and so that all precautions and notification measures required by law are followed.

In the category of special transport we include the transport of livestock or bees, which require special vehicles and special conditions of transport depending on the size of the animals, transport distance and season.

Transport of dangerous goods over any distance

Our company successfully handles ADR transports in Romania and anywhere in Europe.

For more information or in order to schedule a special freight shipment, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer our full logistical support and assistance.


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