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Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transport services

Flowers, medicines, perishable foods? These are goods that need to be transported at controlled temperatures in order to arrive at destination in perfect condition.

Marion White offers national and international refrigerated transport,

to and from any destination in Europe. 

Refrigerated transport involves the use of vehicles equipped with special systems that maintain the temperature at the desired level. The walls of the vans are made of special heat resistant materials so the goods are kept cool during the summer and at the right temperature during the winter.

We ensure refrigerated transport for:

  • meat, fruit, dairy or other food that needs a particular temperature regime.

  • flowers, seeds, shrubs

  • drugs and medicine

  • Any other products that need to be transported in a controlled temperature environment, between -25° C and +25° C.

How can you optimize costs for refrigerated transports

You have a small number of pallets that need shipping or a small cargo? We provide groupage transport services even for goods requiring refrigerated transport.

Goods are grouped according to the desired temperature regime. For the best possible cost optimization we recommend sending requests for such transports at least 7 days before the desired date of loading.

Types of transport refrigeration supplied by our company:

Transportation with congelation - when the goods require a temperature below 0° C – for example, frozen meat or frozen fruit.

Transportation with refrigeration - when the goods are to be transported at temperatures between 4° and 25° C - for example, dairy products, flowers or prescription drugs. Temperatures are maintained within the desired range so we can safely transport goods even when it is too hot or too cold outside.

For orders, optimal routes or details about our refrigerated transport services nationally or internationally, please contact us and we will offer the best solutions. We promise your goods will reach their destination in time and according to your requirements, every time.


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