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Heavy transport

Transport services for oversized cargo

Marion White provides transport services for oversized cargo on any distances.

Heavy machinery, construction materials, houses, huge Christmas trees or other goods that cannot be divided into several consignments and cannot be loaded on a standard size truck can be transported from one location to another using our oversized cargo transport services.

The standard dimensions of a truck are 13.6 m (length) x 2.45 m (width) x 3 m (height) and the maximum weight that can be transported in a standard truck is 24 tons.

Does your cargo exceed these limits? Contact Us! We can help!

How we arrange oversized shipments

Depending on the goods that are to be transported we use special trucks:

  • With special low rise platforms for easy loading /unloading . These platforms also keep the cargo under a certain height, which allows the passage under bridges or viaducts.

  • With platforms that support goods over the standard length of up to 50 meters.

  • With platforms that support weights of up to 40 tons or more.

  • With special cranes for loading /unloading at locations that do not benefit from such systems.

Complete services for oversized cargo transport services

Oversized transport on public roads requires special planning and preparation: choosing a route that will allow safe transport, obtaining the necessary approvals from the authorities and, in some cases, providing escorts or arranging for temporary interruptions of traffic on different road sections.

Marion White offers the following services:

  • Route planning and route optimization studies to make sure perfect road conditions are ensured, including that the roads and highways are strong enough to sustain heavy cargo.

  • Obtaining the necessary authorizations. Oversized shipments require, in most cases, limiting or even stopping traffic.

  • Providing the necessary vehicle escorts so the transport is carried out safely.

With us, you don’t need to worry about the shipment, no matter the size, height or weight of the freight!

Planning a heavy and oversized transport can be a fairly complex process, especially when the commodities are very wide, tall or heavy, but we’ll gladly meet any challenge, no matter how big it is. Contact Us!

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