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Freight transport
Marion White offers full service freight transport on domestic and international routes.
Grouped transport or full truck
Regardless of the quantity of goods you need to transport, we will find the best solution for you.
We provide transportation by trailers or trucks and also grouped transport when you have a smaller amount of goods. Thus, your transportation costs are optimized and you can easily move any freight, no matter the size.
Depending on the destination, the transportation of complete trucks can be organized in 1-3 days and grouped transports can be organized in 1-7 days. Special or oversized transports require a period of preparation and authorization depending on the cargo and preferred route.
Domestic and International Shipping
We provide transportation services to any destination in the country or abroad.
Our headquarters are all over Europe: Bucharest, Amsterdam, Paris, Verona and Budapest, no matter where you want to deliver or load a cargo, just ask for our help and we’ll be quick with a solution. We have a truck available in your area or one will reach your address as soon as possible. We find quick fixes or solutions that very beneficial for your budget.
Pallets or bulk goods
We have the vehicles needed to transport bulk, flatbed tipper or the trucks for loading pallets and even closed-type vans or vans with tarpaulin.
For atypical commodities, we provide vehicles with special trailers or trailers with cranes if at the pick-up point or at the destination there are no mechanical means for handling the cargo.
You always know where your cargo is
Through our monitoring and reporting services, you will always know what the status of your transport is, the location of the truck, what is the estimated time of delivery or if there are unforeseen delays. Thus, you can communicate with our team or manage your activity based on real-time information.

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