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Paint, stone, furniture, flowers, paintings, books, food, liquids, machinery, tools, seeds, fuel, turbines, engines and the list can go on for hundreds of pages. Regardless of type of merchandise, if you need it to be taken from point A to point B we will always find a way to transport it faster, safer or cheaper.

Is it the first time when you are searching for a reliable transportation company? Let us make the whole experience more simple and pleasant than you may have imagined. You only need to tell us where to pick up the cargo, what is the destination, what type of cargo you are planning to transport and how you want it packaged. We will take care of the rest.

We transport all types of cargo, groupage or complete trucks within Romania or anywhere in Europe. Contact us for a quote.

What kind of vehicle is more suitable for your goods? Our available fleet is large and varied enough in order to allow us to find the best transport solution in every situation.

Don’t know what documents you need to prepare? The Marion White team will assist you on every step of the ordering process and will provide any type of document that is needed. Our team is even able to fill out the required documentation for you based on the information you provide.

Importing or exporting? Perhaps the thought of having to make complex customs declarations scares you or maybe you do not know yet how much you have to pay or how to proceed. We take all these tasks from you and take care of them in a professional matter with the help of our lengthy experience in this field. We will always inform you promptly about what happens during the process so that you are aware at all times of the status of your cargo.

Are you experienced in the field of logistics and transportation? Then you certainly appreciate promptness, reliability and good offers. We offer all of these in a coherent package of transportation services.

Contact us for details, offers or even for advice. We are at your disposal.

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